Wow I've been busy.......

Written on 11:12 PM by Kristen

Dear 70 year old self... One day you will be an old crazy lady living in Florida with your best friends. Please build a time machine out of coconuts and flash back to 2010 - circa Spring Time, the rainy season.

Find a Super Massive Red Hole, a.k.a. what used to be known as Target, and purchase these!

You'll thank me later!

Dear 28 year old self....
One day a man will cross your path. He won't look like a real man, but you'll know him by his shirt seemingly covered in tattoo's and graffiti with his name written on the back in Gold.
Hit the gas, not the brake. You'll thank me later.


Written on 11:33 PM by Kristen

After coming back from vacation to a giant mess at work, way worse than when I left, I needed a good laugh.

Here are two.

and this beauty...

Update to the previous post, my hair is now drastically different. I'll post pictures soon.

Decisions Decisions..

Written on 11:36 PM by Kristen

Ok I cannot decide what to do with my hair now that it's brown.
Leave it till after new york? Maybe, it's kinda fading and I have to wear makeup or my face disappears. The brown color also seems to change color if I take pictures outside vs. inside.
Current Hair
College Shorter Blonder Hair

Post College Really Long Blonde Hair

Possible Inspiration Hairdo, if I decide to cut it all off again.

I had short hair last year, and I've been growing it out.. I'm not sure I want to undo all of that just yet. I've been enjoying the ability to pull it back when I am lazy or working out.
I also like having long hair if I go dancing.. but when's the last time I did that?

This chick in the picture also has major cheekbones and a possible eye lift. This hair might make my face look fat.
Any Ideas??

Important Life Altering Public Service Announcement.

Written on 9:07 PM by Kristen

So it is reallly cold at my work. I mean reee-leee cold.. Mostly on our floor.  Sometimes I go visit people on other floors just to thaw out.  Cuz, I mean it's hard to be taken seriously at work when you are clenched in a full body shiver and have a ruddy dose..(runny nose).

We have jeans months during July and August, so I've been wearing my longest thickest jeans every day, and some type of sweater or shirt, plus a "work sweater".  The one you keep in your car and wear every single day and has pen ink on the sleeves.  Also, I keep a rocket launching space heater under my desk, which I call my "Fan" to make it appear cube legal.  It sounds like a space ship taking off when I start it up.. Beeep  Beeep Beeep . Whoooosh!

So even if my feet are blazing fire tootsies, my arms will still be numb on top of my desk. It's only a matter of time before I catch the croup, and have to cut off the blackened tips of each of my fingers. I've contemplated those 80's Madonna fingerless gloves, but I didn't want word getting around that I am a scurvy transient, or worse,  an Emo.

So one of my gossip/news websites has an article most newsworthy titled, 
Ultimate Battle: The Snuggie vs. Slanket vs. Freedom Blanket vs. Blankoat

I'm glad to know someone has thoroughly tested said products, because I have been contemplating a snuggie/slanket .. purchase for some time now.  
Futhermore, I will be going to New York next month, and I fear that I'll be cold on the airplane ride, and maybe the hotel won't have quality bedspreads, and what if I get a chill watching Phantom of the Opera.

Can I take a Slanket on the subway?  I mean it's New York, aren't people strange there already?  Is it in poor taste to take a Slanket to the Theatre?   I don't imagine it would be dangerous....  
No mugger is going to yell "Hey tourist.. give me your blankie"

Monday Fun-day!

Written on 11:55 PM by Kristen

Lets hope this week is better than the last few have been.

Va va va ... Vampire???

Written on 10:19 PM by Kristen

Here is my now slightly darker hair color.  It's my evil alternate personality. 

And this is me if I became a vampire/rockstar.  Apparently I am a happy vampire/rockstar.

I just can't take it anymore!!

Written on 8:51 AM by Kristen

OK,  sometimes Cute Overload ( )  is just too cute for my own good.  I really felt the "overload" this morning.  I mean if it weren't for my PJ's and lack of showering, I was halfway out the door to purchase a tiny creature of my very own.  I wouldn't even mind if his cage got smelly. Soooo cute!
I mean I don't have time for a dog, but I think a guinea pig wouldn't mind so much if I was at work all day.  Stephanie Plum had a hamster and they got along great.  

I feel the urge to talk baby talk and say words like snorgle and mooshie right now.
Stop the insanity!!!!